5 Things to Remember When Moving Interstate

There’s no doubt that moving house requires a lot of time and energy. The stress caused by moving, even when using professional interstate removalists, can be multiplied when moving a large distance, and moving interstate can be a sizable drop in your bucket of stress. Moving to a new state is a very different beast than moving just down the road, especially if the states are not adjacent to each other. There are particular laws and customs that, however slight, may hinder the smooth running of your move. It’s always the little things that trip us up, so here are 5 things you may not have thought of when it comes to moving interstate.

  1. Moving vehicles. Do you plan to drive all that way? How many trips will you need to take? Check with your removalist about their options for moving move interstate your car/s for you plus any other difficult items – piano, aquariums, skis, bikes. It may be cheaper to fly in and meet your car at the other end, it will certainly be easier. Make sure you check how long it will take to transport your car. It may be wise to have the car on its way a week or more before you move and borrow or hire a car until then.
  2. Check the climate. Often overlooked, this could save you a lot of time and money. If you’re moving from Victoria to Queensland, chances are you’re not going to want that nice thick winter coat. Check out the weather patterns and average temperatures for your new destination by talking to people in the area or checking online. Cull and pack your clothes and bedding accordingly. If you do need to buy new clothes, try and wait until you’ve arrived to save space.
  3. Insurance. The further you move, the greater the danger is that something may go missing. Moving is not covered by home and contents insurance so you need to review transit insurance options that will cover the move. Check with your removalist about insurance and most importantly their role and responsibilities if your possessions go missing.
  4. Use more than one company if needed. Many removalists specialise in a particular area, and they all differ in quality. A cheap furniture removal company is fine for getting your sturdy beds and couches to your new home, but they may not be the best people to trust with Grandma’s heirloom crystal glasses. Your precious possessions are going a long way, so consider using a few different companies for your different needs.
  5. Storing your possessions. You can probably afford to live a little frugally for the few weeks leading up to your move. Do you really need that couch until you get to your new house? Many moving companies offer short-term storage until you’ve arrived at your destination. This may even influence your decision about which company to use. It may be best to get things moving early by packing up your furniture and storing them for later.


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