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Blogs have been in existence for a long time, since the beginning of internet. From the very beginning bloggers realized that new content could create a loyal fan base of their readers and, in turn that they could earn revenue from advertising. Blog hosting Companies have made it relatively simple to begin your blog. Simply sign up for a blog that is free and begin typing your heart out. It’s fine and good but wait until competition among bloggers gets heated. How can you make your blog stand out amid all the other bloggers?

Blog communities that are niche are springing all over the internet, such as FashionsBlogs.com which specializes in specific niche markets. FashionsBlogs.com provides blog hosting for free for fashion bloggers, as well as a unique “Fashion focused” URL, fashion-related blogging tips, and a community of fashion bloggers sharing useful information about what it takes to be a fashion blogger. edgy fashion

The advantages of Niche blogging Communities

SEO- Your site will rank higher in your market segment For example: at FashionsBlogs.com you will have a unique URL like myfashionblog.fashionsblogs.com. Search engines will rank your blog higher when people are searching for fashion blogs than a site that has a url like myfashionblog.typepad.com

Social Networking Build connections with the leaders and shakers within your field

For example: on Fashions Blogs you will be connected to other fashion bloggers to discuss techniques and tips to use.

You will stand apart from the rest of the pack.

If you are looking to join the niche blogging community, they are able to search for specificities such as the celebrity fashion blog Teen Fashion Blog, Womens fashion blog, Designer Fashion Blog and depending on the content of your personal style blog your blog will be easily found by prospective new followers.

Templates, Custom Themes, and Plugins

Tools that are useful are available such as plugins that provide free access to royalty-free images of fashion. Fashion-inspired Blog templates are also available.

Advantages from Niche Blogging Communities

There aren’t many

There aren’t many Niche blogging communities. It’s a fairly new concept in the world of blogging.

Technical Support
Since these blogging communities are in their early stages, they might be unable available to assist you or resolve issues faster than larger companies such as WordPress or BlogSpot

Communities start with a small

If you sign up to when you join a Niche blog community such as the Fashions Blogs If you join a community for niche blogs like Fashions Blogs, you will observe that there are just two members who are registered. This is due to the fact that they are still relatively new and are yet to draw the huge number of users. Like eBay began small the same way, this Niche blog communities.

Whether you are a fashion blogger trying to get noticed amongst the sea of fashion bloggers like Girls Trends [http://www.girlstrends.com] or you are an inspired celebrity blogger trying to attain the status of Perez Hilton, there is one thing for sure. Blogging takes time commitment, passion, and dedication. If you possess these qualities you’ll be noticed among the thousands of bloggers in your field. Find an area that bloggers might not be writing about. You might like Fashion for Dogs:)


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