Advantages of Clock Card System Over Other Time and Attendance Systems

Today, they’re getting sky growing reputation amongst business and commercial sectors. No doubt, their initial price is a little bit high however have you ever questioned that with their contribution you’re saving an enough amount of cash simply in a 12 months by slicing down mistakes and decreasing administration time. Today you could find a plethora of fashions of electronic time clocks, however if you need to get a hundred% accuracy, then you may pass for Amano PIX-200.

Amano PIX-2 hundred

It is one of the today’s examples of electronic time clock structures, which is all-in-one radio-controlled time recorder and date/time stamp. I understand you must be eager to understand extra approximately it, preserving your anxiousness in thoughts, I am overjoyed to throw light in this new member of new timekeeping structures.

The Amano PIX-2 hundred is perfect for agencies requiring easy, convenient, errors-free, reloj asistencia accurate time and attendance clocking. This brand new atomic clock synchronizes its time thru a radio signal and offers quite a few widespread attributes along with enormous, clean-to-study digital show and password security.

As a date/time stamp and numbering machine, it uses very little desk space, runs quietly, has an illuminated print window and consists of a extensive type of print codecs to meet your specific enterprise needs.

Impressive Attributes of Amano PIX-two hundred

• Consecutive numbering with automated reset feature

• Slide lever print function adjustment

• thirteen selectable feedback in 6 languages

• Top mount button for manual printing

• 31 selectable gift imprint codecs
• Big/ east-to-read virtual display

• Customized comment imprint

• Atomic/radio managed clock

• 4-digit password for protection

• Ribbon ink capacity gauge

Benefits of Amano PIX-two hundred

• Password averts tampering with settings and additionally wards off time card fraud

• Accurate, actual time clock synchronization with atomic time capability

• Illuminating print window perks up efficacy on time card stamping

• Locking enclosure with steel keys stops unauthorized get right of entry to

• Wall or desk mount offers for flexible operation

• Replaceable ribbon cartridge saves time

So, men if you really want to enhance your stability sheets and desires to positioned a complete forestall on tailgating or other time card frauds, then it’s time to take a smart action.

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