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Waxing is a prominent therapy in a salon, so as a charm therapist you require to be 100% confident with your technique as well as ensure your knowledge of shaving is unrivaled. Having a huge option of waxing examination inquiries is as a result essential to any kind of appeal student’s study plan.

There are 4 different sorts of wax including;


You require to recognize the distinction between each one, the active ingredients, what temperature level they must be, what locations of the body they are made use of on and also exactly how to use the wax etc

. An additional vital area that needs to be covered when you are researching shaving is the makeup as well as physiology component of it, specifically anatomy of the skin and hair.

Take a look at the following waxing concerns and also see how many you can respond to, try not to take a look at the responses;

1. What temperature level should warm up wax be utilized at? (Around 43 degrees C).
2. What 3 things comprise the hair shaft? (Medulla, Cortex, Follicle).
3. What are the 3 stages of the hair development cycle? (Catagen, Telogen, Anagen).
4. What sort of wax is preferably used on more powerful, brief hairs? (Warm).
5. Where is sebum created? (Sweat Glands).

Just how did you do? These Examen UNAM 2023 are one of the most fundamental questions that you require to understand so if you were unable to answer even 1 of them, then you require to modify your revision strategy.

A lot of terms that you require to learn can be extremely tough to keep in mind so utilizing your shaving alteration questions over and also over once more will substantially enhance your opportunities of preserving the information.

A great deal of examining bodies such as ITEC, VTCT, NVQ and CIDESCO offer several selection concerns as the style for the exam. Some instances of these sort of waxing exam concerns consist of the complying with;.

01. Which endocrine gland is referred to as the master gland?
a) Pineal.
b) Thyrod.
c) Adrenal.
d) Pituitary – Answer.

02. Warm waxes are frequently made of mixes of;.
a) Resin as well as oil.
b) Sugar syrup and also honey.
c) Glucose syrup as well as zinc oxide – Answer.
d) Honey as well as witch hazel.

03. Which among the following is a cause of ingrowing hairs?
a) Excessive peeling.
b) Oily skin.
c) Hot wax.
d) Poor waxing technique – Response.

04. What is the structure of the cortex?
a) Thin, unpigmented flat cells.
b) Thick, pigmented cells.
c) Several layers of closely stuffed elongated cells – Response.
d) A number of layer of carefully jam-packed endothelial cells.

The key to passing your waxing test is having an organized modification strategy which includes different exam inquiries and quizzes that you can revise.

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