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More consumers are now questioning about the origin of the foods they’re consuming. As the public becomes more aware about the special feed given to the beef they are buying, the old fashioned grass fed beef is becoming more popular. The American Grassfed Association standards say that cattle should be fed only with their mother’s milk and grass.

When buying, look order wagyu online for “grass-finished” or “grass-fed” on the package. However, they are not easily available in big meat shops and most grocery stores in the United States. Usually, beef that has been grass-fed is produced by small farms and are directly offering their products to the consumers. A good place to start your search will be your local farmer’s market. Due to high demand of grass fed beef, the price is quite inflated. To save money, buy it in wholesale price – box of assorted cuts, a big share of the animal or the whole animal itself and divide it with like-minded friends.

Sometimes, you can also find it in specialty meat and natural-foods markets. If you are in Alabama, you have Boutwell Farms that produces pastured pork and grass fed beef. Their products are revealed to have high amounts of DHA, CLA, Omega 3, vitamins and minerals. Restaurants operating in Georgia, Alabama and North Florida areas are clinging on their products. You can also opt for Happy Chappy Ranch, another known grass fed beef producer in the state.In Arizona, there is Date Creek Ranch. This is one of the oldest farms that offer directly to the consumers. They have strict adherence to feeding the cattle with grass.

Another source is the 14,000-acre Double Check Ranch. The ranch produces high-grade grass-fed meat. In Mississippi, Blackwater Farms is definitely a well-known name when it comes to producing grass fed cows. It is relatively a small farm but is capable of producing A-Grade grass fed beef. It also produces pastured turkey and chicken and grass fed lamb. Another top producer in Mississippi is Gloryland Farms. The farm also supplies pastured chicken turkey, pork, chevron, and real free-range brown eggs. Virginians can also take pleasure in steady source of grass fed beef. On top of the list is the Autumn Grove Farm. In the 90-acre farm, cattle are raised naturally. There is also Briarmead Farm. Still a new player in this area, it has produced a steady supply of naturally fed beef. There are still other farms that are committed in raising and harvesting cattle the right way.

To fasten your search, you always have the internet for more information. Websites including eatwild.com, localharvest.org, eatwellguide.org and americangrassfed.org provide helpful directories for you to locate grass fed beef in your area. If you can’t find it locally, then opt for mail-order or online stores. You may try any of the following: Hardwick Beef, Lasater Grasslands Beef, La Cense Beef, Mercola, or Tallgrass Beef. A growing number of people now are going natural in terms of beef consumption. With many more farms offering grass fed beef and more consumers becoming interested, the price is going down and it is becoming more available to consumers across the US.

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