Heating method and method of use of electric heaters

Electric heater has many other fuels and equipment that cannot be achieved. It is because of the more powerful advantages, so that the electric heater on the market is heated. What is its way? The following small series is briefly introduced to everyone. First, the heating method of electric heater: At present, the heating mode of electric heater on the market portable electric heater mainly has six modes of resistance heating, medium heating, infrared heating, induction heating, and arc heating and electron beam heating. The difference in these heating methods is that the way to convert electrical energy is different. Second, the use of electric heater 1, the electric heater device should check whether the product has a leakage phenomenon before starting, whether the ground wire is safe and reliable. Make sure that the work can be turned on after all works are enabled. 2, the electric heating tube of the electric heater should be insulated. Its insulation resistance should be less than 1 ohm. If it is more than 1 ohm, it is necessary to ensure that it meets the standard requirements before you can continue. 3, after the wiring of the product is properly connected, the terminals must be sealed to prevent oxidation.