Herbal Tea For Spotty Skin

What is tea tree oil nail fungus solution?- Tea tree oil is the ultimate solution for treating and curing nail fungus. Researchers have found solid proof that the trees’ oil effectively treats skin conditions so severe that prescription medicines in the form of antibiotics are unable to relieve or permanently cure.

What is the secret to success- The blooming flower tea all natural remedies’ success can be attributed to the oils’ powerful anti-fungal and bacterial properties, boasting with no known side-effects. The often painful and embarrassing infection is significantly relieved and cleared up in the wink of an eye with regular application of tea oil to affected areas. The oil is used topically to treat a range of bacterial and fungal infections.

Origin- Tea Tree bushes are predominantly grown in the region of the South Pacific and Australia. These plants are dark green in colour with soft white flowers blooming in summer. The plants reach heights of between 7 and 8 feet upon maturity. The oil derives from a process of steaming the bushes’ leaves until oil is produced. It is mainly the Terpenoids contained in the oil that gives it the fantastic medicinal qualities.

What is toenail fungus exactly and what are the symptoms?- Toenail fungus also referred to as Onychomycosis occurs when unseen fungal organisms enter the toe nail or even fingernail area through a break in the skin surrounding the nail or the nail self. Symptoms of the infection include thickening, crumbling and brittleness of affected nail, nail separation from bed and discoloration varying from yellow to black. An awful smelling debris may also be found underneath the nail. The little and big toes have a greater tendency to develop the infection.

How can the infection be prevented?- Toenail fungus is very easy to prevent by just following a couple of essential hygiene steps including washing your feet regularly and drying them off properly, wearing shoes, socks and hosiery that allows the feet to breath. The fungus loves damp, warm environments to breed, multiply and spread in. When using public facilities such as spas, saunas, showers and locker rooms wear suitable apparel. Don’t ever borrow or wear someone else shoes. Trim nails regularly with disinfected tools. Steer clear from nail varnish during infection.


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