How Prayer is Similar to What an Energy Healer Does

You might also have heard of power recuperation as a part of opportunity medication. People have requested me, “How do you, as an power healer, do what you do?”

Energy recuperation may be very energy healer just like prayer

When you pray for a person numerous things occur:

You have an goal in mind
You keep the character in an area of affection
You ask that the person you are praying for accept some thing
You keep the quality intentions for the individual.
You have an intention in thoughts

When you pray for a person you have got a particular purpose in thoughts. Perhaps the character is unwell, or they’re distressed due to the fact they misplaced their task, or suffering emotionally. Before you pray for a person you recognize what you’re going to consist of within the prayer.

The equal is proper for an electricity healer. S/he begins with a hard and fast reason. This motive directs the whole session. For example, there are times I’m working with a collection of human beings with the goal of removing blocks to abundance. Whatever I’m protecting in my thoughts directs the consultation.

Hold the individual in a place of love

Prayer, the lifting of the mind and heart to God (going returned to my Catholic roots), is a coronary heart based totally skilled. You generally have an emotional connection to the man or woman. You are in a place of affection. I’m now not speakme emotional love right here, I’m speakme about agape love… The manner God loves us.

The power healer works with the character for their satisfactory and highest right. There have to be no personal schedule at the a part of the energy healer. In other phrases, the power healer must now not say, “This man or woman is stubborn and I need to eliminate stubbornness despite the fact that s/he has requested for internal peace.” Just because I might imagine the character wishes to launch his or her stubbornness does now not imply that’s what the person wishes maximum.

You request the individual be given some thing

This can also sound similar to “have an intention in mind,” but it’s far distinctive. You have probable heard the announcing, “The street to hell is paved with properly intentions.” In this step you spark off your aim. You truely flow to action. You can have all of the properly will in the international to preserve someone in prayer, however if you don’t do it, prayer doesn’t appear.

The electricity healer holds the overall objective in his or her attention, holds the person in an area of love, and then does something modality s/he is the use of.

Hold the best intentions for the individual

While you’re lifting a person up to God, you live out of what you want for the character. It’s the action part of having an unique cause in mind. The complete time you’re praying, you live out of it. You are clearly a conduit of God’s love.

The equal is actual for the energy healer. S/he is definitely a conduit of restoration power. S/he stays out of the way and does what’s only within the highest and quality for the individual.

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