Media Center Remote Control – A Device Based on Voice Recognition Technology

Remote control toys are being sold all over the world and people are buying them more and more. Their demand is increasing as kids find these more fascinating than the manually controlled ones. The manufacturers have made it a point to dedicate a department to the manufacture of these as their demand keeps increasing. Their producers have earned a lot of profit through the sale of these. They are sold everywhere and people of all ages can buy them. They don’t require a license. They are lightweight and hence easily portable.

There are various types such as remote controlled trucks, remote rolling code transmitter controlled boats, cars, helicopters, airplanes, bikes, etc. they can be carried anywhere. Many students are seen carrying taking these along with them to their schools and colleges so that they play with them in their break time. They are also used for various other purposes other than playing. Their spare parts are also sold in the toy store in case the original ones get damaged or stop functioning properly. They are user friendly and come with a guide that can be easily understood by everyone. Just anyone who has a control on the remote can play with these. The remote controls and the toys are operated with the help of batteries and sometimes they are electric.

are available in various sizes. They are smaller and similar versions of the different types of actual trucks. Usually they are advisable to be used by children of age 6 and above. Their price range varies according to the size and quality of the product. They are easy to use and are used for various other purposes along with playing such as off road racing, for jobs on construction sites, for firefighting, etc. Some of their spare parts are sold separately.

Remote control boats are manufactured to float on water. They can move smoothly if the water current is not too high. Sometimes their batteries and chargers are sold separately. People of all age groups are seen playing with these.


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