Roof Cleaning by Roof Type

Roofs are constructed from various materials. When cleaning them, the guidelines for cleaning them and the solutions will differ for every roof.

Asphalt shingles

Wherever the property, regardless of its location roofing material, asphalt shingles are most popular roofing material. They are renowned for their granular, sand-like finish. It’s the type of finish that is designed to wear away slowly. Because of the layeredand fragile structure of the shingles, it is crucial that you scrub them gently to ensure that you don’t ruin their protective coating. If you scrub the shingles too vigorously, you will reduce the time your roof will last. If you’re using the pressure washing method, it’s recommended to use a soft pressure washer that’s not greater than 30 psi. This is comparable to the sprayer used on an outdoor hose. It is not advised to make use of the mixture made of trisodium phosphate water (TSP) and bleach, even though it is accessible online. There are many risks associated when using this method. The bleach can remove the algae’s surface as well as the mold. If the algae is allowed to grow again it could harm the plants that are under the roof when it evaporates and may cause corrosion to metal fasteners Roof Washing Albany Ny.

Ceramic tiles

This type of roof is very prevalent in Subtropical, or Southwest regions as well as on Spanish-style houses. The roofing material can stand up to the pressure of washing. It is able to withstand this without suffering from wear or corrosion. The most important thing to remember is that when you are using this pressure washer you need be cautious with the pressure since if you apply the pressure to the wrong spot of your roof it could harm the tile. If this happens, you will need to replace the tile. occurring, you might need to consider replacement of tile roofs constructed from ceramic. To avoid this happening, the most effective option is to to apply an easy wash. Cleaning the roof of ceramic tiles is best done using a specific formula designed to fight algae, mold, and the growth of fungi and lift the stain.

Clay tiles

They look similar to ceramic tiles, and are well-known because of its appearance across Southern as in Southwest states, especially California. They are produced by mixing clay and sand in order to form the tiles. This type roofing is extremely effective in its insulation. It can lower the cost of cooling for homeowners. The primary distinction between ceramic and clay tiles is that the methods used to manufacture them result in clay tiles , which tend to be porous. They are also more susceptible to wear, even when using low-pressure washing. It is suggested to wash them using an exterior sprayer. A roof constructed of clay which is maintained properly has the benefit of sealing agents to prevent the growth of a variety of bacteria. However, you’ll have to wash your roof with water that is mixed with dishwashing fluid and plain water. If you’d prefer to use the cleaner or cleaning products specially made for clay tiles, you can apply them to tiles made from clay.

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