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Buying a snooker cue for yourself can be a tricky business, as it is not as straight forward as you may think at first glance. There are many factors to be taken into account when you are buying a snooker cue so we are going to explore all the various points that need to be looked at and see if we can find the perfect cue for you.

Your snooker cue needs to fit both your physique 5 world snooker championship results and your style of play as everyone is slightly different. There is no such thing as the perfect cue, as one persons perfect cue may be totally useless to someone else.

One factor to be taken into account when buying a snooker cue is the weight of the cue. Do you feel more at ease with a light or a heavy one? Some people like a light one, as they feel it gives them a better touch around the table, but others like a relatively heavy cue as it gives them more stability and they feel it gives them more control.

Likewise with the tip of the cue. You may like a cue tip that is narrow because it gives you more scope to play screw shots etc, or you may like a wider tip as you feel that your potting is more accurate with this type of tip.

There is the cue length to be taken into account when buying your snooker cue. Do you feel more at home with a longer cue as it gives you more balance, or do you find a longer cue awkward to handle? Cues are often around between 55″ to 57″ in length.

There are various joints that you can have in your cue. The cue may be just a one piece, or a two piece with a joint in the centre, or a joint about three quarters along the cue. It may have a short butt and a centre joint as well. You need to ask yourself what sort of snooker cue you are going to need for your particular game.


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