Television is better than films these days

The American entertainment machine is a great success story that has existed since before any of our ancestors were born. It all began in the early 1920s and has been running smoothly since then. And so it has grown. They each flourish in their own way but eventually overlap like any good medium 링크모음.

The theatre became disposable, vaudevillian theater and was therefore mass produced all over the country. Then came film. Soon afterward, television.

These are two standards that ensure we’re happy every day. The television is more adept at this than the film industry. But what happens to the film industry? Is the film industry in danger? It is evolving, not dying. It could also learn a few lessons from TV.

Good Writing

Do you think there were any shows worth watching 10 year ago? Law and Order But that’s not enough. Showtime and HBO were the first channels to make television popular. They began to treat television with the same care that film. This led to a boom in revenue. They quickly followed their lead and created 24 Lost, Heroes, House. These are intelligent shows that have good writing. They spend the time and energy to create shows with intelligence, strong stories, and not just a few recycled sitcom gags and police stereotypes.

Characters, character, characters

The key to any television show’s success is its characters. Check out the best. They have an ensemble cast that includes people you hate, people your love, and people that you want to sleep with. Part of it is the need for a consistent story arc over 16 hours (and more if it’s a good series), but it also creates strong attachment in the viewer, who continues to return to see what happens with their favorite character. Films simply make it more difficult to believe. If you are able to create a strong plot that includes lots of intriguing ideas (Miami Vice), and neglect the basic principles of making my attention care about who’s doing what, then I’m going be bored quickly.

Fearlessness is the best way to make a difference

Recycled product is the top export of the film business. Everything that comes out Hollywood theses days can be repurposed. A lot of what we watch on TV these days comes from book adaptations, remakes and homages to the 70s and 1980s TV shows. Television is a new medium. It takes the best of the old and transforms it into something new. Lost is the genre-busting show that nobody saw coming. What’s the impact on the film industry?

Serialize without exploitation

If you plan to reuse the same material over and over again, make sure that it is done well each time. Spiderman was a great film, and the sequel was even greater. They seem to be growing at least. The 90s Batman sequels are still in existence. The nation collectively screams at them whenever they are mentioned. To farm a franchise’s goodwill to make more income is the oldest trick in history. This is so long that the attention and energy required to make it worthwhile are given each and every sequel.

Television is better that film. I’d rather see Battlestar Galactica on any day of the Week than the latest Michael Bay movie. It’s an established fact. It is likely, though, that the trend will continue. If the film industry continues to show this, it would seem all too predictable that they would learn a lesson from their smaller screened peers and put in the effort, rather than spending a lot of money, to make entertaining, intelligent films.




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