The Best Birthday Celebration Ideas – How to Have More Celebrations

The celebration of life is one example of a word that refers to a special occasion. It simply means “Birthday”. It is the most unique word you can think of. What comes to your mind first? Do you think it would be party, celebration or food? What about surprise, cake, gifts, candles or cake? You can also say “Happy Birthday” if it is your birthday! Plus, there are many other options birthday gift!

“Birthdays make you happy.” The longer your life expectancy is, the more you have. Anonymous

Do you still remember the last time “Happy Birthday” was sung to someone? This traditional song is well-known to most people. According to Guinness Book of World Records, “Happy Birthday” is the most listened to song in English. Wow! That is awesome!

Ever wonder what inspired that song? History has shown that the melody came from “Good Morning to All”. This was written in 1893 and composed by Patty Hill with Mildred Hill. Those sisters were probably unaware of what would come out years later from that unique melody. Birthdays are not just another day. They are a reminder of the beginning, and a way to remember that. Ask any mom about that moment when her child was born. She will surely have a story to share, and she is right. Because she will cherish the moment of her son/daughter being born. People celebrate their birthdays every year. It’s a great way to be remembered by both the young and the old on your birthday.

Many people celebrate the anniversary of a person’s birth regardless of whether it is the first, sixteenth and fortieth birthdays. A party that you give to someone you care will bring extra joy to their special day. It’s important that a special day comes only once a years. But it’s not just for the person who will be celebrating, You know the name of that special person? If you guessed… If you thought so, mom! We wouldn’t have a special day without our moms. This shows that it is not all about “Me,” but also about celebrating our moms. When you do that, you will have a completely new way of celebrating your birthdays. Hurray!

“Today is a good day to be aware of how your 1,440 beautiful moments are being spent and make smart decisions about how you spend them.” Anonymous

When is your next birthday? Would you love to be celebrated more on your birthday If your answer is “yes”, don’t forget about Mom. Get out the pen, and mark your schedule.

Celebrate Mom’s Day with You



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