The Differences between Gasohol 91 and Gasohol 95 in Thailand

Speaking of types of fuel for cars and vehicles, gasoline is one that you might think about first. However, in Thailand, there is also a type of fuel for vehicles that can be found in gas stations, which is called gasohol. And what are the differences between gasoline and gasohol? And how many kinds of gasohol are there? Let us find out together!

What is Gasoline?

Gasoline is a product that comes from petroleum and is used as fuel for vehicles, especially cars and motorcycles. In Thailand, people are familiar with its other name, benzene oil. Also, there are two main types of gasoline, or benzene oil, in Thailand, which are ‘benzene 91’ and ‘benzene 95’. The numbers in both types are from the rating of octane called research octane number (RON). In Thailand, the minimum rating of octane is 91. So, benzene 91 is basic fuel for common cars. And benzene 95 is the better type of gasoline because it has the rating of octane of 95. Moreover, it contains no ethanol, whereas benzene 91 contains ethanol for 10 percent of the total value.

What is Gasohol?

The difference between gasoline and gasohol is that gasohol is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol. The ratio of gasoline and ethanol may vary, classified by the level of ethanol mixed into gasoline. The more ethanol is mixed, the less effective it would be. In Thailand, there are mainly 4 types of gasohol: gasohol 91 E10, gasohol 95 E10, gasohol 95 E20, and gasohol 95 E85. The letter ‘E’ stands for ethanol, and the number behind the letter tells how much ethanol it has in the mixture.

The Effectiveness of Types of Gasohol

As there are five types of gasohol in Thailand, it means that their effectiveness is different. In different types of vehicles, the minimum ratio of compression is required. To utilize the right type of fuel for your vehicle, you should know about the ratio for preventing the car engine from malfunctioning. If you do not know about the ratio of your car engine, take your car to nearby auto shops and let the mechanic check the ratio for you.

 So, it can be said that gasohol 91 and gasohol 95 are different in terms of the rating of octane. And within the same type of gasohol, they can be categorized by the ratio of the mixture of gasoline and ethanol. And the compression ratio of vehicles is different. So, you should refuel your vehicle with the right type of fuel, whether it is gasoline or gasohol, as long as the fuel is compatible with your vehicle.

 Now you can differentiate gasoline from gasohol, and how the ratio of both types of fuel is. But if you are in need of car insurance in Thailand, Rabbit Care is the best insurance broker for you. You will receive benefits from the insurance and its best services.

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