Time-Saving Tips for Adding Photos to Your Blog

Starting your own photography business these days is easier than ever thanks to the internet. All you really need to get started is a digital camera, and an internet connection. By uploading your images on popular stock photo websites you can earn a commission each time your image is downloaded.

The process of selling stock photos from home works acchihealth.com like this. You sign up for an account at one of the stock photo websites. Edit the images you wish to sell and upload them to the stock photo website. Once your images are approved they are available to be purchased by people who need them for their website content or advertising creative’s. The great thing is you retain ownership and are licensing the images out. In a nutshell this means you can sell the same image over and over making you long-term residual income. There are many making their owners thousands of dollars a month, from a single photo.

Some stock photo website like to pay per download, while others will pay you per photo upfront for your images. I’ve even found a couple photo websites that pay you every time someone views one of your images which is called pay per view. Each site has its own terms and conditions for payment. The most common method is pay per download and as a general rule of thumb, you can earn anywhere from 20% to 65% commission rate for each image download. Since many of these sites offer multiple image sizes you can expect to earn more money when someone downloads a larger image size. If you’re someone who likes to take pictures for fun, or an aspiring pro, you really should consider selling your stock photos for extra money.


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