Van Upgrades To Enhance Your Mobile Business

When it comes to transporting your scooter; you will need to look at mobility scooter lifts. Mobility scooter lifts generally come in two different types; outdoor lifts and indoor lifts.

Outdoor mobility lifts areيفون ١  designed to fit onto the hitch of a vehicle. If you do not have a hitch on your vehicle; you can check with a mechanic shop to have one installed. Be sure to let them know what you will be using the hitch for so they can install one that will work with your lift. An outdoor lift is an easy option if you want to equip your van with mobility scooter lift.

An outdoor lift will enable you to drive your scooter onto the platform that is mounted to the hitch, exit the scooter, and then lift it up off the ground for driving. You may want to consider purchasing a cover for your scooter because it will be traveling outside your vehicle and exposed to the elements of inclement weather. The mechanical parts will also be exposed to road dust and grime. The outdoor lift is easy and can be less expensive to install.

Indoor Mobility Lifts

A lift that goes inside your vehicle is a platform mobility scooter lift. This lift is designed to go inside of a van or SUV. It can be placed in the rear (if you have rear access) or the side compartment (door) of your vehicle.

For rear access installation, you lower the platform to the ground, drive your scooter onto it, exit the scooter and then use an electric remote control to lift the unit into your car.

If getting off the scooter and into your car is an issue for you, a side platform lift will probably work best for your needs. This lift will allow you to ride your scooter up onto the lift and enter you vehicle while still seated on the scooter (provided your vehicle has enough head room).

When purchasing electric mobility scooter lifts, you will have to take into consideration the vehicle you have and the lifts compatibility with it. You should also look at a quality manufacturer. Hammond Manufacturing is known for its quality construction of lift components.

Many people find their vehicle will need substantial modification when installing a lift. This is not an easy undertaking and most leave it to a professional with experience. You will probably want an experienced technician who has installed mobility scooter lifts into vehicles before. There are shops that specialize in installing lifts. This type of shop will have all the knowledge and experience to install your lift correctly and to your specifications. They will also be able to guide you in the right direction for choosing the proper lift for you vehicle and any modifications you will need. Prices for installation will vary and your insurance may or may not pay for it. If your insurance will not pay for the installation, check with you local social services agency for help. Organizations for the disabled and elderly may be able to assist you with the cost.


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