What is the Best Free App to Spy on Text Messages?

If you’re looking for a free text message spy app, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss the top options: Auto Forward Spy, mSpy, GuestSpy, and Xnspy. These apps are designed to monitor the messages sent and received by the target cell phone owner. These apps can help you keep tabs on the people your kids are talking to on their cell phone.

Auto Forward Spy

It has a great OTA connection, which means you can download it easily and remotely connect to the target phone. The main feature of Auto Forward is that it offers complete information about the online activities of the target user, including Facebook messages, emails, and social media activity. It can even see messages that have been deleted, which is an incredible feature. The best part is that the app is very easy to use. You can use it to monitor a targeted phone at any time, and you can even download the data for future reference.


Besides spying on text messages, Xnspy has a lot more features. It allows you to monitor social media, track IMs, and view the location of the target device. You can even control the target phone remotely. You can remotely lock and wipe data from the device, and take live screenshots. You can even use the Keylogger to monitor certain keystrokes on the target phone.


This powerful text message spy is designed to monitor texts on any Android or iOS device without installing software on the target phone. It will allow you to monitor text messages and calls, as well as check the phone’s location, social media activity, and more. You can install mSpy for free to see exactly what your child is up to. This app allows you to free android spy apps on text messages and other communications sent or received from the target phone without it ever becoming apparent to your child or partner.


You can monitor texts, photos, and videos from any Android device. The app can record calls and record all digital information on the device. It also backs up data and can track lost phones. Using the GuestSpy app can help you prevent and detect employee misconduct and protect your company from fraud. Read on to find out why GuestSpy is the best free app to spy on text messages.


If you’re looking for a free app to spy on text messages, iKeyMonitor is the right choice. While it’s true that this app is not rooted, it offers more features and can be installed on both standard and jailbroken phones. Unlike other apps, however, it is not possible to fully hide the application and its presence on the target device. Using this program, you’ll be able to monitor everything from text messages to web activity.


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