Wide Application of Horizontal Washing Machine Used in Glass Industry

With the fast development of constructing industry and glass production, glass deep processing industry has additionally evolved appreciably. This article in particular describes the extensive utility of flat glass washing gadget brush making machine in the glass industry.

1. Concept of glass washing machine

As the special system implemented in glass enterprise, glass washing machines are used for cleansing and drying authentic glass sheets. According to cleaning approach, it is able to be prominent vertical glass washing machine(vertical glass washing gadget) and horizontal glass washer. Because of the quandary of glass size and vertical structural, at present vertical glass washing gadget is foremost used for producing I.G. Unit with aluminum spacer. The horizontal glass washing system, although it takes more location, has been applied in greater big fields because of its greater high performance and extraordinary structure.

2. Wide utility of flat glass washing gadget

Now we majorly introduce the wide utility of horizontal glass washing system.

(1). Cleaning application for regular glass

The cleansing method of flat washing machine for everyday glass is easy quite. The tanks can be feed with business water with out heating. Because the surface of glass has no longer been made any remedy, there is no unique requirement for the brushes at the glass washing machine. At the identical time, there may be additionally no too restrictive requirement for water PH. About the air knife layout, we can adopt regular structural however ought to make sure the wind strength may be adjusted. When we clean the glass with thickness three-19 mm, the design of distance among rollers can not be considered making too big. Generally speaking, the manufacturing facility ought to use middle or small washing system to do the cleaning and drying process for uncooked piece of everyday glass.

(2).Cleaning application for hot-area insulating glass

For the manufacturing of heat side insulating glass (with flexible spacer, including duralite or duraseal or superspacer), the cleansing necessities to the raw glass sheets are higher. Operators need to ensure the best cleansing and drying for surface a good way to without problems make the spacer bonding for the subsequent steps, meanwhile, avoiding surface scratch. For maximum evolved international locations and regions inside the world, which will make the complete warm facet I.G.U, an increasing number of factories undertake horizontal washing system. This type cleaning equipment consists of feeding segment, washing section, drying phase and output section and inside the washing segment, there are three tanks which feature of biking heating water with the appropriate PH (6-9), in the meantime, the gadget ought to be mounted with high satisfactory rubber switch rollers to keep away from glass scratching. In addition, engineers have to layout special air knife structure implemented in drying segment of the washing machine, inclusive of side-by-aspect multiple wind blade design, and assure the sufficient wind power and make it adjustable, because the exceptional drying result, the air blower can blow warm air. All those issues can gain the exceptional drying process: absolutely cleaning up or blowing off water in multi-angle and much place. Please also be aware that as a way to in shape the total production line, the rate of glass washer additionally need to be regulated.

Remark: the production system of bendy spacer I.G. Usually includes below machines: flat glass washing system, flexible spacer meeting table, glass meeting desk, heated roller press device and glass convey table. Total manufacturing line has -side or single facet establishment. Glass is conveyed to glass washing machine inside the horizontal kingdom then begins its first system till to complete warm-press sealing job in heated curler machine. Around the production line, small assistant gadgets, including gasoline filling device, duraseal spool stand also are prepared.

(three).Cleaning application for coated glass

Before washing coating glass by means of the horizontal washing gadget, we must recollect the choice of brush and water satisfactory. In cleansing system, the lined glass sheets must no longer forestall underneath brushes to keep away from damaging the film. As the hardness of each brush may be distinct, we must additionally take a look at the film after cleaning to confirm that if the brush do some harm on the floor of glass or now not. When we easy the MSVD low-e lined glass, the exceptional way isn’t to apply recycled water, because those films are very touchy to the PH fee, if using recycled water, operators need to display water PH cost continuously.

Using demineralization or deionization water to spray covered glass to assure no residue while drying glass. However, the technology of this system might also increase water corrosive, so we ought to check the sample water and affirm no damaging reactions arise. In addition, earlier than large-scale manufacturing, we additionally have to do a little trial manufacturing to decide that if the water can paintings nicely in the device.

In actual operation, solve the above problems, each horizontal glass washing system and vertical glass washing device can nicely complete cleaning and drying process to covered glass

(4). Cleaning software for other glass (inclusive of tempered, laminated and protection glass)

As above glass features of large length, thickness and weight, factories often use horizontal washing system to complete their cleansing activity. For the vertical washer, because of its structural boundaries, it can’t appropriate for washing large size glass. By way of selecting appropriate tender brushes and using exclusive air knife structure, the horizontal glass washing machine can meet the bathing and drying demand for above glass.

3. Prospect of horizontal washing machine

In the remaining decade, building glass has been evolved in the direction of insulating, strength-saving, safety and decoration, so the horizontal washing machines are also advanced with the equal course. Particularly after the sun glass, conductive glass, foam glass and other unique glass are broadly put into market, the factoies put forward higher cleansing necessities to above unique glass. The unique performance is that we are not handiest upgrade or improve the gadget structure, however additionally make the particular difference on brush manufacturing, choice of conveying rubber rollers, mainly allow the studies of cleansing system and air knife shape meet unique unique necessities. We can assume, along side social improvement in future, increasingly special glasses will come out and the horizontal washing system might additionally be manufactured cooperatively with them and this industry turns into extra particular, precise and standardized.

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